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Noteable emails to parliament so far.

email to Anna Soubry

Hello Anna, my names craig and I wanted to send you over a couple of emails I've recently sent, 1 to John Bercow, and one to prominent anti no deal torys.

I'd really appreciate it if you could look at these and if you feel able to, advise your colleagues in the tory party who have principals like yourself,
to resign from that party immediately and oppose this right wing governments prorogation of parliament to shut out democracy, with every possible mechanism
they can.

best wishes,

Good evening John, I hope you can help me, I am aware you can't in your capacity as an MP as I am not in your constituency, I have the misfortune to be
in epsom, so I am hoping you can do something in your capacity as speaker of the house of commons.

I know you're completely against a no deal brexit, and completely against the prorogation of parliament to force one through, which as you well know has
just happened.

This brexit mess has been agrovating and destroying my mental health the last 3 years, more so in these last six months or so. The movement of the conservatives
to the right, the blatant racism coming from brexit supporters, the seeming acceptance of open racism in this country, the erosion of our rights, of the
nhs, the terror of the nhs being soled to trump's america, and my own mental health issues, are driving me mad, and I want to do something to stop this

I am totally blind, very deaf, have OCD, anxiety, autism, and depression.

I don't know how much you know about mental health, but certain things can agrovate it greatly. The OCD is agrovated by uncertainty and doubt, it feeds
on it, so all this brexit uncertainty is like a playground for the ocd. It also feeds on "what if" scenarios, always horrible ones, never "what if I get
invited to parliament and the chamber is full of cute little puppies," or "what if a hoard of cats come and lie on my bed," these would be very nice what
ifs to think about, but no, it revolves around the what ifs like "what if disabled people get rounded up and killed in nazi britain after no deal brexit,"
"what if my medication becomes unavailable, and I run out," I rely on my meds to stop me singink into the sort of depression which brings on suicidal thoughts
and months of literal hell for me and my support worker. or "what if the nhs is gone and i cant afford healthcare, i'll die!" imagine all this going round
your head, and feeling you have to keep checking the news, to see if there are any advances in stopping this from happening, then the fear when you see
bad news. It is truely horrible, and damaging. I've wanted to leave the country for a while, to get away from all this terror, this agrovation that is
destroying my mental state, and driving my support worker mad as she is the only one I have, the only one I can trust and rely on who helps me deal with
all of this. I want to get away, move to Scotland and hope for Scotland's independence from this nightmare, but, I can't. If I move, I lose my support
worker, my adopted mum, denise, and I can't cope on my own without support in place, so I am trapped, hating what I am being forced to live through, and
unable to escape it.

Now, boris has pushed me too far! He's now prorogued parliament. he is trying to turn this country into a dictatorship, and I do not want to live in a
dictatorship with a right wing dictator at its head, but, I am disabled, I can't just up and move, because if I do, I wont have any support in place to
help me. So I need help!

I've been tweeting, facebooking, emailing, everything to try and make this stop. but I cant get out there in crowds, I cant cope with lots of noise and
pushing and shoving, but I want to stop this nightmare from happening, but feel useless as I can only do things online. I need help to get my voice heard,
I need to be able to come to parliament and make all the mp's listen to how this is making me feel, all of these emotions inside me, hope that this can
be stopped, frustration and anger, pain, lack of self worth, and a lot of anger at the people who are putting me through this without a care in the world.

Can you give me that platform, can you get me to parliament and make them listen?

I know this email will sound ranty, and mad, but I am really worked up right now over this and I think this is my way of pouring all my emotions out that
have been going on and on for the last few months. I am sitting here wanting to cry at the mix of emotions going round inside me at the moment, but I know
one thing above all, I want to be the one who helps stop brexit, I want to put these racists back in their box, put a very big lock on the box, and throw
it straight in the filing cabenit, never to be taken out again.

I know your commitment to stop brexit and to hold this right wing so called government to account, can you help me be part of that and feel worthwhile
and do my bit in my own way to reverse this mess?

with best wishes,
Craig Mcgee.

good afternoon All, this email is from the heart and conveys real concern and distress.

I know you're against a no deal brexit and have been very vocal in this regard. The recent news that boris johnson plans to prorogue parliament, to get
no deal through is playing havoc with my mental health, i suffer autism, ocd, anxiety, depression and ocd as well as being blind and very deaf, and I'm
terrified of what will happen to me with a far right boris johnson government, nigel farage being even more prominent, no deal brexit and trade deals with
trump ripping up the nhs as well as food and medicine shortages. I've enmailed my own mp chris grayling, and included an email I sent to Nicola Sturgeon,
which I've included below, which outlines sensative info about my mental health and how this is making me feel and received a totally uncaring and unsatisfactory
response to my email, from him, so there is no point sending this request to him, but as someone who is against a no deal brexit, can I please ask you,
no, beg you, to reassure me that you will do all you can to bring this awful government down and stop boris johnson from prorogueing parliament, as I am
genuinely terrified now and my mental health is kicking off!

best wishes,

Hello Nicola, my name's Craig, and I hope you can help me?

This is an odd, but completely genuine request.

I've been into Scottish independence, since the referendum in 2014, even though I'm english and live in england, it's always been my belief, if Scotland
wishes to be independent, that should be up to Scotland. Since being more involved in politics and seeing how bad the uk government is, and how untrustworthy,
it's made me even more in favour of Scottish independence, I only wish I was in Scotland to enjoy it.

I am totally blind, very deaf, and have ocd, anxiety, depression and autism, through a genetic condition called Norrie disease.

To cut a long story short, i'm frankly terrified of brexit, what might happen after a possible no deal, and how this could affect my life, I went through
a depressive few hours recently where I felt like taking an overdose if a no deal brexit were to happen, for fear of how bad things might get if say, the
worst was to happen and donald trump got his hands on the nhs, and or the country went so far wright that disabled people were completely valueless and
had no wrights, both things I seriously am worried about actually happening and believe are a real possibility.

I'd really like to move to Scotland, as I feel, with this brexit mess, independence is pretty likely to happen, either that, or the uk government will
go all out fashist and send in the army to deal with peaceful protests, something I could also see them doing. I rely heavily on my support worker here
where I live, who takes me out, does shopping for me, who I socialize with by going back to hers for meals, she is basically a mum to me, so just moving
to Scotland just like that is obviously not possible, as I'd have no one to help me set up my life, and after the horrific trouble I had with social services
here, I've no faith in a uk government controled social services helping me at all, and imagine that social services are still uk government controlled
at the moment. I came up with an odd idea, but I hope it will make sense. I thought of trying to campaign to move into the Holyrood Parliament building,
if there was any accomodation there, but sadly found out that there are no bedrooms there. The reasons for this are that I did some research and know there
are restaurants in the building, so food would be covered, I receive DLA [changing to PIP very soon] and ESA, so would have the funds to cover meals. Also
there would be plenty people around to befriend and socialize with, and although I'd be wright in the middle of politics I would be in another way out
of it, no councils no social services, no real world to frighten me. I'm finding the real world is really a very difficult place to deal with, and was
a lot happier and more confident back in 2009 to mid 2011, when I lived at the royal national college for the blind in hereford. there were restaurants,
staff on site 24/7, staff who actually cared and were nice people, and I had my own little routines there, such as going for tea just before the refectory
closed, so it was quiet, I had my own table, and would phone a friend whilst eating to make them jealous of what I was eating! If I got bored, there were
several places to go, just to change the sceenary a bit, a row of chairs up on the top floor, a chair in one of the corridors on the ground floor, a little
outside area to sit, it really suited me very well and I felt safe there, and I just feel, that living somewhere where I would be out of the real world,
and not dealing with all the difficulties in it which are causing me such prolonged mental pain, would be really beneficial for my overall health. I suppose
what I am saying is when I lived at the RNC [royal national college] it was like being in a bubble, the real world didn't have so much impact on me, and
because it wasn't so full on and unsupportive, I was able to be more confident and active because I felt safe and there were plenty genuine nice people
who understood and befriended me.

The supported housing I live in wright now is very minimalistic in terms of the support I get. My support worker is employed through social services direct
payments, and, without her, I would be completely stuck as she does way more than what she has to do in the sense that she is there for me when I have
a mental health breakdown, or something goes wrong, where as the staff who are on site where I live only provide a very basic level of support, rather
than any socializing or interaction. A lot of good staff have left swail house where I live, who used to also go above and beyond what their job description
was, for instance, they'd invite me down the office for a couple hours, and just going down the office for a chat and a cup of tea, or coffee, or using
the phone in the office to call friends [I have a phone card that routes through a freephone number so didnt cost swail house anything] meant a lot to
me, gave me a break from my flat and gave me a sense of importance, that I was doing something that no one else got to do and I really liked it.

I have looked in the past, at living in hotels, and housing benefit covering the cost of doing this, or what funding would be available to do so, as similar
to RNC hotels have a lot of the same things, restaurant on site, staff around all the time etc, obviously it would have to be the wright hotel! and not
necessarily even an expensive one, my favorite hotel in Durham, where my family live, for instance, is a Campanile which is quite basic, but it has everything
I want, telephone in the room, free wifi, staff who are amazing, restaurant on site, house keeping, and the biggest out of all those things, are the staff,
who are very nice and cant do enough to help. I'd love to find something similar in Scotland and escape what is becoming a stress nightmare.

So, my request is, although my idea of living in the parliament building won't work as there are no bedrooms there, I really do want to move to Scotland
as I feel it is much more inclusive and people first than england, and if you could provide any help or ideas of something similar to my idea, I'd be very
grateful. I don't know what government convention is in Scotland, as I don't have an msp, unfortunately, as I am currently stuck in England, but if you're
unable to help in your capacity as first minister, I'd appreciate any help you can give in a personal capacity?

Obviously if it's a possibility we'd need to discuss my support needs and exactly how it was going to work, I would probably still need a budget from social
services to cover certain things, but a lot of the basic human needs, of socializing and feeling safe, I feel would be likely covered if we could find
a similar solution?

with best wishes and thanks for any help,
take care

Email to Chris Grayling, my local MP and his reply [Please note email to Nicola Sturgeon is not repeated below, but was included in the original email. This email was sent a couple of weeks before the emails which were sent to MP's regarding prorogation in response to a campaign email I received, and editted to include my email to Nicola.

Dear Chris Grayling,

If Boris Johnson succeeds in driving us over the No Deal cliff edge, we will face a national disaster. Our welfare state and NHS will be opened up to American
style deregulation, our living standards and wages will fall, and the rights of workers, migrants and the environment will be torn up.

On 14th August, Jeremy Corbyn wrote to the leaders of all opposition parties, and some independent MPs, setting out a plan to bring down Boris Johnson
and stop No Deal. Labour will now table a vote of No Confidence at the earliest opportunity when parliament comes back in September, and then seeking to
form a strictly time-limited government to stop No Deal.

To stand a chance of stopping No Deal, those who oppose it must stand completely united against the Tories. Many opposition leaders are already on board
with the plan, with the Green Party, SNP and Plaid Cymru all signalling that they would support Corbyn’s proposals.

But some parties and MPs who oppose No Deal are either remaining silent on the idea, or are saying they won’t support it. This would be utterly unacceptable
and be a complete abdication of responsibility.

What you do in September is going to be absolutely crucial - every vote will count. I urge you to vote for the Vote of No Confidence in September, and
in favour of this plan.

I want you to know how the fears of a no deal brexit are impacting me personally, and destroying my already delicate mental health, so, I am including an email I sent to Nicola Sturgeon, first minster of Scotland, regarding my situation, to give you some idea.

Dear Mr McGee

I'm afraid that as a Conservative MP I would not vote against a Conservative Prime Minister in a vote of confidence.

Best wishes

Chris Grayling

email to Donald Tusk

Good afternoon Donald, my name's Craig and I hope you can help me.

I was born, and live, in the UK, and I do not want brexit, I wanted to write another word there, but wasn't sure if it would get through the filters, but just put an SH after the X, and that will tell you exactly how I feel about this entire mess.

I am totally blind, very hard of hearing, I can't hear unless I have my hearing aids in, and even then struggle. I have OCD, anxiety, depression, and recently got an autism diagnosis, so quite a lot of disabilities going on here, and all the brexit uncertainty is making things even worse.

I've heard a few things you've said and done, for instance your statement to the EU Parliament saying that they must not abandon those in the UK who want to remain in the EU, and I'm very grateful for that. I really want to get out of the UK, to be honest, this government really scares me, and I'm scared at how much worse it might get, if brexit does go ahead, especially given the recent developments with the way boris johnson, I call him the boffoon, is acting undemocratically closing down parliament and saying he will not seek an extention to article 50 even if mandated to by law!

I would really appreciate your help, as president of the EU council, to move me out of the UK, and into the EU. I know this will sound unusual, but my email which I sent to Nicola Sturgeon, included below, will explain it more fully, but ideally I'd love to live in either the EU council, commission or parliament, if any of them have sleeping accomodation?
I would love to escape this mess that is causing me so much mammoth mental anguish and distress, and remain European and protected by the safeguards the EU has in place over human wrights etc, which I fear, a conservative government will get rid of, if we leave, and a more wright wing government most certainly would get rid of such wrights.

Healthcare is also a massive worry, with the rumours of a trade deal with donald trump, just the idea of that is terrifying me, and what he would do to the UK NHS health system, meaning I could very likely not be able to get my anti depressant medication, which would result in a steep decline in my mental health, and certain thoughts of suicide, and severe depression. Along with this, the worries of medication shortages, and the government's stockpiling of body bags, just adds to this whole hidious nightmare.

I'd like to end this email by thanking you for any help you can provide, and congratulate you on your excellent statement regarding the special place in hell for brexiteer liars and brexiteers with no plan on how to deliver brexit, however, as someone so aptly tweeted you, I fear the devil would not want those people, they would even cause divisions in hell! so not really sure where we can send them, preferably nowhere in the EU however!

Also, please take this as a compliment, but I do love commenting after you've given tweezer, or some other equally awful politician a good grilling, by saying, "excellent, donald has driven his tusks into them!"

with best wishes,
Craig Mcgee

email to Nicola which is already on this page was sent as well.


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